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How to do our diets?
How to do our diets?

Welcome to Dietcare

Dietcare, has over 35 years’ experience helping struggling slimmers to shed unwanted pounds, and have been featured many times on television and in the national and international press including news papers and magazines.

Dietcare are a recognised authority on weight loss techniques, after developing the famous ’13 Minute Metabolic Rate Diet’.

The UK national press tested the diet, agreed it worked, and the medical profession were so delighted with the results that they send their patients to Dietcare for help.

Everybody has a different metabolism. The secret to successful weight loss is to have a Metabolic Rate Assessment by Dietcare, find out the foods which are slowing down your metabolism and substitute these foods with alternatives that can speed it up . By rectifying the Metabolism, successful weight loss is achieved.

Dietcare offers you a unique, personalised slimming experience. Personal diets, based on healthy foods are planned to suit your individual metabolic rate. One-to-one support, motivation and encouragement throughout your course, with a confidential Diet Adviser, will ensure your success. .

Wherever you live in the world, what ever your back ground is,  there is a Dietcare course and dietcare advisor waiting to help you achieve what every your weight loss goals are,

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